Artists have been and will continue to be significantly impacted by the decline of arts events due to COVID-19. According to, Canadian Artists’ loss of income for cancelled or at-risk gigs so far totals more than $20M. This figure is likely to increase, as surveys continue to collect data on the effects of the global pandemic. 

SEARA is grateful for your contributions—help us to offset BC-based BIPOC Artists’ loss of income, and simultaneously address historical inequities in the sector. 

Do you represent an organization that would like to partner? Please contact us now to support our province’s BIPOC Artists; we’ll include your organization’s name on our Fund Partners page, and share news of your donation across our social media platforms!

Help us reach our donation goals


from the general public

8% of goal


from arts organizations

45% of goal


from large donors

38% of goal



33% of total goals

Think of all the festivals, concerts, recitals, reading events and exhibition openings you would have otherwise attended this spring and summer. You’ve saved a lot of money by staying home- now’s your opportunity to provide BC-based BIPOC artists with your usual level of support!


SEARA is currently focusing on building an in-house distribution method, granting artists anywhere from $1,000-$2,500.

We believe cash donations are appropriate for this particular fundraiser, as it is meant to serve as a means of assistance beyond pursuing art due to COVID-19. This would include daily financials, affordable housing, medical bills, etc. We will continue to keep you updated on our disbursement strategies in the next few weeks, in addition to sharing specific testimonials and art on our Forum from BC-based BIPOC artists who have been affected, providing you with a face for potential recipients.