#POWERSHARE: A Fund for Black, Indigenous
& Racialized Artists

In the wake of COVID-19, the Sector Equity for
Anti-Racism in the Arts (SEARA) aims to raise $500K – $1M for BC-based BIPOC Artists facing financial hardship. Donate now to support equity in the arts!


The Black Lives Matter movement, and the ongoing fight to uphold Indigenous rights and land recognition, have prompted arts organizations across North America to publicly address systemic racism. SEARA’s fundraiser POWER SHARE provides these organizations with a tangible opportunity to move beyond performed activism, develop lasting connections across communities and invest in actionable change.

The general public, arts organizations, and philanthropists all have a stake in the arts, and so we’re asking all three to provide more financial accessibility to vulnerable BIPOC Artists across BC. SEARA’s long term goals are to empower BIPOC Artists’ creative processes and amplify their voices, ultimately normalizing their presence and enhancing their opportunities within arts institutions.


from the general public

7% of goal


from arts organizations

44% of goal


from large donors

25% of goal



27% of total goals

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